Reasons the Underdog 49ers Can Beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl 54

Super สูตรเก็บเงิน Bowl 54 is supposed to be one for the ages. A seemingly endless amount of time after last year’s snoozer between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, we have what figures to be an exhilarating matchup between several groups that have been among the NFL’s world class the entire season.

The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs have never met each other in a season finisher game. In spite of being two of the association’s most established and most notorious establishments, the Niners and Chiefs have seldom run into each other by any stretch of the imagination. San Francisco is 7-6 all-time across 13 customary season gatherings with Kansas City. The Chiefs got a 38-27 win over the Niners in their latest conflict in September of the 2018 season.

Regardless of the Niners having completed the season with a preferred record over the Chiefs, by far most of the wagering activity has come on Kansas City to win Super Bowl 54. The game opened as a pick’em at most sportsbooks and NFL wagering locales, however oddsmakers immediately moved the spread for the Chiefs after a huge measure of early cash came in on Kansas City.

The wagering sums have leveled out from that point forward, yet the Chiefs have consistently kept up with their status as top picks in the days paving the way to the game. As of this composition, BetOnline has the Chiefs recorded as 1-direct top choices toward beat the 49ers.

You can get San Francisco at +105 to dominate the match by and large, while the Chiefs’ moneyline is at – 125.
While the Chiefs have the edge, there is obviously a lot of legitimacy to wagering on the Niners to pull the irritated. The following are a couple of things that make San Francisco an engaging dark horse wagering choice to win Super Bowl 54.

No one Has Stopped This Running Game
Simply ask the Green Bay Packers what the 49ers’ solidarity is. This is a group without many openings, however their hostile blueprint is basic. They will run the ball directly down your throat, and you’re presumably not going to have the option to stop them.

The Niners traveled to a simple 27-10 success over the Minnesota Vikings in the Divisional Round because of a prevailing appearance on the ground. Tevin Coleman piled up 105 yards with a couple of hurrying scores as the Niners scrambled for 186 yards on an incredible 47 endeavors. Jimmy Garoppolo tossed only 19 passes. They didn’t have to toss the ball, so for what reason would it be a good idea for them to actually attempt?

Raheem Mostert NFL San Francisco 49ers

The NFC Championship Game was one for the ages, as Raheem Mostert piled up 220 yards with 4 hurrying scores of his own in the 37-20 destruction of Green Bay. On the whole, the 49ers accumulated 285 yards on 42 endeavors for a normal of almost 7 yards for every convey. Garoppolo needed to endeavor only 8 passes throughout the entire game.

The Chiefs’ guard is tremendously further developed over the one we saw a season prior, however I’ll accept somebody can dial this running match-up back when I see it. The Niners have gotten this far without having to truly utilize Matt Breida, who is the most unstable of the 3-headed beast the Niners ordinarily depend on in the backfield. Breida has 9 conveys for 19 yards such a long ways in these end of the season games.

Kansas City worked effectively of dialing back Derrick Henry in the AFC Championship Game, yet the Titans were likewise compelled to get off the ground more frequently than they would have enjoyed in the wake of falling into a halftime shortfall.

The 49ers scrambled for 144.1 yards per game during the ordinary season. Just Lamar Jackson’s Ravens, who ran for a crazy 206 yards for every game, were more productive in the ground game. Recommending the Chiefs ought to compel Garoppolo to beat them is a simple comment, however it’s a considerably more troublesome thing to do as a matter of fact.

In the event that Mostert, Coleman and co. can slash the Chiefs early and frequently, Sunday could be a long, difficult and horrendous evening for the Kansas City protection.

The 49ers Can Keep Patrick Mahomes Sidelined
Other than negatively affecting the contradicting guard, controlling the game with the ground assault can likewise assist the 49ers with setting the rhythm of Super Bowl 54. In the event that this game transforms into a track and field competition meet, the Niners are in a difficult situation. San Francisco has a lot of playmakers, however they’re not an offense intended to run-and-weapon with any semblance of Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and the remainder of the Chiefs’ high power assault.

Dialing the game back and controlling the clock is something the 49ers totally need to achieve disagreeably if they have any desire to pull the irritated. One of the principal reasons the Chiefs have earned such a great deal the early wagering revenue is a result of Mahomes. Garoppolo is a decent player, yet the Chiefs plainly have an edge with regards to the quarterback position.

I’m not saying Garoppolo is the second happening to Trent Dilfer, yet extraordinary quarterbacks like Mahomes will generally dominate matches like these.
In this way, a key for San Francisco will be to guarantee that Mahomes will have restricted chances to cause harm. The most effective way to do so is to keep him uninvolved as the 49ers’ offense deals with the game with the hurrying assault.

Season of ownership is a telling detail in the NFL. San Francisco held the ball for 38 of the game’s hour in the Divisional Round against Minnesota. The Packers had more belonging in the NFC Championship Game, however that had more to do with the Niners having the option to sever various monstrous scoring plays that killed assets early. San Francisco drove 27-0 at the half.

The Niners Can Rush the Passer
The 49ers have gotten through a few lean a long time since losing because of the Ravens in Super Bowl 47. Truth be told, this was the group’s most memorable season beginning around 2013 with a triumphant record. Throughout the span of their 5-year season finisher dry spell, the 49ers have reliably utilized premium draft singles out players equipped for surging the passer.

Scratch Bosa, Dee Ford, DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead are previous first-round picks. Bosa, Buckner and Armstead were all first-round picks by the 49ers, while Ford was unexpectedly the Chiefs’ first-round determination in 2014.

Eli Manning and the New York Giants pulled off two of the greatest Super Bowl disturbs in history over the Patriots because of the group’s capacity to create strain on Tom Brady. Brady is a seasoned veteran at dismantling groups when he’s given sufficient opportunity to see the field. The Giants were one of only a handful of exceptional groups able to do shaking the future Hall of Famer.

NFL San Francisco 49ers Team

Clearly, the 49ers need to adopt a comparably forceful strategy with regards to facing Mahomes in Super Bowl 54. In the event that the Chiefs’ hostile line can safeguard Mahomes and give him sufficient opportunity to go through his peruses, the Chiefs’ offense will be unquestionably hard to dial back.

As per Football Outsiders’ rankings, the 49ers had the second-best safeguard in football this season as far as Defense-changed Value Over Average (DVOA). Just New England was more productive on that side of the football. San Francisco positioned fifth in the association with 48 sacks. Kirk Cousins was sacked multiple times in the Divisional Round by the 49er safeguard, while Aaron Rodgers was sacked multiple times in the gathering title game.

San Francisco Generates Turnovers
Surging the passer is regularly considered the most effective way to dial back a world class offense. Clearly, removing the football is the other. The 49ers are first class as far as forcing restricting quarterbacks, and they additionally end up being tip top as far as producing turnovers.

Winning season of ownership means a lot to an offense. Winning the turnover fight is much of the time significantly more characteristic of how a game will work out. Whichever protection gets more focal points enjoys an unmistakable benefit. The 49ers have been a ton better than the Chiefs in such manner.

Kansas City utilizes a twist don’t-break kind of guard. While deft important points are great, the Chiefs’ cautious achievement is significantly more predicated on karma than that of the 49ers.
The Niners have constrained 5 turnovers through their initial 2 postseason games. The Chiefs have just constrained one, and it came on an opening shot return against the Texans. The guard is as yet searching for its most memorable focus point of these end of the season games.

The 49ers positioned 6th in the association in important points during the customary season with a higher capture and bungle recuperation rate than the Chiefs. Kansas City captured only 5 passes the entire season, while the 49ers took out 13.

The Super Bowl 54 Betting Value is Obvious
As referenced, oddsmakers consider this game to be a shot in the dark. There’s an explanation the matchup started as a pick’em. The main explanation the Chiefs are leaned toward is on the grounds that most of the wagering public agreed with Mahomes and Kansas City almost immediately.

Could either result really shock you? Unquestionably not. The 49ers have shown that they’re equipped for beating anyone. So have the Chiefs. This figures to be one of the more intently challenged Super Bowls in a long while, which is the reason there is such a lot of expectation.

Prognosticators assume this game could go one way or the other. Assuming that is the situation, the chances plainly don’t reflect it. The downpour of money coming in on the Chiefs has left the 49ers in the advantageous place of being in addition to cash dark horses.

NFL Game, San Francisco 49ers, Pile of Money

Wagering on an or more cash ‘canine in a game that is by all accounts a 50/50 recommendation is by and large engaging. The 49ers have seemed to be a title type group since Week 1, and they have had the option to conquer a constant flow of wounds en route. The Chiefs have been more wild. Kansas City has Mahomes, yet we should not fail to remember that the Ravens were the discussion of the AFC the entire year. Kansas City remained unnoticed, no matter what.

In the event that Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo can execute a proficient blueprint and stay on course, it will be extremely hard for Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense to track down a predictable cadence.
Join that with Robert Saleh’s forceful and savage protection and you have every one of the signs of a Super Bowl-winning crew.

The game having a 1-point spread is simply senseless. Who on earth would wager on the Niners to cover a 1-po

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